How much will it cost?

A subsidised price scheme has been designed to assist your group and enable you to stay at the Old Mill.


Subsidised Residential Price Scheme:
Adult/working young person £20 per night
Student 16-25/unemployed/aged 65+ £17 per night
Child (under 16) £15 per night
Infant (pre-school age) £8 per night
Optional extra: bed linen and towels £8 per person per stay
Small groups, please note that there is a minimum nightly charge as follows:
Sun-Thurs £180 [£160 if 2 nights or more]
Fri – Sat £200 [£180 if 2 nights or more]
We give discounts for larger groups:
1 free place for bookings of 11 people or more  
2 free places for bookings of 16 people or more.  

Should you need extra space for eating together or carrying out group activities, the new facilities available by hiring The Nigel Cole Studio Theatre may be of particular interest.                          

Without equipment the cost is from £25, otherwise prices are as follows:

Subsidised Residential Hire of the Studio (with equipment):
Full day: up to 8 hours £60
Half day: up to 4 hours £30
Evening: up to 3 hours £21
Evening: up to 4 hours £30
Per extra hour £9


Non-residential stays for groups of up to 50-60 people can also be accommodated.  Just the Mill can be hired or the Mill with the studio theatre, especially mid-week.  Please enquire for pricing.                  

Alternatively, the studio theatre can be hired in its own:

Subsidised Non-Residential Hire of the Studio: (without equipment)
Sun - Thurs Full Day: up to 8 hours £60
Sun - Thurs Half Day: up to 4 hours £30
Sun - Thurs Evening: up to 3 hours £23
Sun - Thurs Evening: up to 4 hours £30 
Sun - Thurs Per extra hour £8
Fri - Sat Full Day: up to 8 hours £80
Fri - Sat Half Day: up to 4 hours £45
Fri - Sat Evening: up to 3 hours £34
Fri - Evening: up to 4 hours £45
Fri- Sat Per extra hour £12
Equipment  Please enquire

Pastoral Recommendations

Subsidised rates are also on offer for groups that are referred to us by a recognised pastoral body.

Don’t miss out on a life-changing experience for you and your group.

Commercial Rates for businesses or departments are available:
Please see The Old Mill Centre - Commercial

Rates for Holidays are also available. Please see Old Mill Holidays & Special Events.

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