Cultural Awareness Workshops

Thought provoking exploration of social issues

The Street Children of South America

Course for at least a weekend [or equivalent] for youth and school groups.

An exploration into the plight of the street children of Guatemala, Peru, Columbia and Bolivia through performing and creative arts such as: drama, poetry/creative writing, singing, composition, painting and textiles. Courses will be tailored based on a skeleton programme.

The cultural awareness course ‘The Street Children of South America’ was piloted at the officially opening of The Old Mill Centre in February 2008. Barbara and Mick treated their performing & creative arts group StageLights to a thought-provoking weekend. Creative exploration of the devastating plight of street children was interspersed with fun, laughter and delicious South American cuisine.

Attendees Comments

  • ‘Thank you 4 the weekend away it was really fun. The party was amazing. I can't wait to do more!’ – Ruth
  • ‘Thanks for the weekend’ - Katie really enjoyed it Pete Ash – Dad of a StageLighter
  • ‘We are so grateful to you and Mick for all that you are doing for the children, you are building their spiritual lives and providing them with a safe environment in which to have a lot of fun. They will never forget it and neither will we. Thank you so much.’ Andrew Hawksworth – Dad of 2 StageLighters
  • ‘An amazing house and studio’ Emma
  • ‘Thanks for a fab weekend. Fantastic place!’ Sue
  • Fantastic! Adele
  • ‘I loved it!’ Keeley
  • ‘Thank you for looking after me’ Abbi
  • ‘Brilliant’ Sarah
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