3rd August


‘Chillaxing tends to be criticised rather than supported’, declared William Hague at the recent opening of the Nigel Cole Studio Theatre at the Old Mill Centre, ‘but in all walks of life it is of course, a very good idea.  Enjoyment of the countryside, music and the arts go together extremely powerfully, as I remember when I was writing my books a few years ago.  The best way to really produce good writings was, every few hours to break and play the piano or to go for a walk in the North Yorkshire countryside.  When you put all those things together it really adds to the creativity of your mind.’  Mr. Hague congratulated the centre on its appealing vision, giving people the opportunity to enjoy relaxing, inspired by creative activity. 

Martin Lawson of Swift, Project Manager of the newly built eco-friendly studio theatre, was also congratulated by Richmond’s local MP.  Have a look at the company website to find out more www.swiftorg.co.uk

Why not come and experience the facilities and see for yourself what William Hague was talking about?  The Old Mill Centre is now taking bookings for the autumn.  Why not treat your music or art group to a weekend break in the inspirational North Yorkshire countryside – or even longer?  What a creative luxury!  See www.oldmillcentre.co.uk for more information.




Posted by Barbara
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