17th November

A new workshop has been created to empower women to take some first steps to make change happen.  Exploration via the expressive arts will help to release what change you would like to create in your life.  Collage, group singing, song writing, poetry, water colours or pastels - the choice will be yours. 

Spending a whole day in the peaceful surroundings of The Old Mill Centre, Richmond, will relax, refresh and inspire you to focus on your future.  What dreams have you yet to discover?     

From10am until 4pm on Saturday 29th November 2014, all sessions throughout the day are offered on an opt-in basis and '1 to 1' time will also be available to those who wish to explore on an individual level.

The course will be led by Catherine Davies, Change Worker, supported by Kirsti-Anna Hume, Teacher & Songwriter and Barbara Sutcliffe-Cole, Musical Director and the centre’s owner.  Please arrive at 9.45am so we can get to know you a little first.

The cost is £25 for the whole day.  Participants are encouraged to bring their own musical instrument, paints, pastels, photos etc.   

Refreshments are provided but please bring your own lunch.

This will all take place in the Studio Theatre at The Old Mill Centre, Skeeby, Richmond, DL10 5EB.  For more information please contact Catherine: on 07460 494 106 or by email catherineannedavies@hotmail.co.uk  or Barbara Sutcliffe-Cole: on 01625 523 397 or by email barbara@oldmillcentre.co.uk.




Posted by Barbara
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